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Exergia's New Energy Shop

:: The Idea ::

Sophisticated demonstration models of alternative energy technologies for universities, schools and interested individuals: Stirling Engines and steam engines, thermoelectric devices, fuel cells, photovoltaic objects, toys and more! Discover extraordinary ideas in energy related devices: Educational devices inspired by old and new concepts to demonstrate the physical principles of conventional and alternative energy conversion.

:: New Products ::

LexsolarH2ReadyToGo - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experimental Kit
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Experimental Kit
1490 € - Details
LexsolarPVReadyToGo - Photovoltaic Experimental Kit
Photovoltaic Experimental Kit
699 € - Details
LexsolarWindReadyToGo - Wind Power Experimental Kit
Wind Power Experimental Kit
1010 € - Details

:: More Ideas in Light and Energy - The Blog ::

Power Fluids – Possible Fluids for Minto Wheels, Rankine Cycles …
Strandbeest 2 – further simulations of Theo Jansen’s artificial walking creatures
Candle Stirling Engine ecorun2.1-kit – Learning Kit
Energy stored in a pressurized Fluid – The Expansion process
Thermodyna – Small sized Organic Rankine Cycle Heat Motor – 2. Expander
exergia’s experiments – Manson Engine
Our Candle Stirling Engine as Advertising Premium
exergia’s experiments – LightRotor Rotary Candle Lantern
New Product – FocusMirror35 – Solar Parabolic Concentrator
Jürgen Kleinwächter’s Ideas of a Solar Village in Tamera
ThermoGenerator2.0Kit - Thermoelectric Generator Kit
Thermoelectric Generator Kit
43 € - save 7 €
New Price: 36 € - Details
CandleCarKit - Threewheeler with Thermoelectric Drive
Threewheeler with Thermoelectric Drive
43 € - Details
Ecorun2.1-kit - Candle Stirling Engine
Candle Stirling Engine
45 € - Details